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Body Remodeling Cream

98% natural origin

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Highly concentrated natural ingredients, such as ginger extract and cedar essential oil, which promotes better blood circulation; caffeine which participates in the breakdown of fat cells, as well as vitamins A and E, which regenerate and moisturize the skin, are the ideal complex of Body Remodeling Cream. The supplement of nourishing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid which provides elasticity and firmness, and nourishing shea butter, Biobaza Remodeling Cream is ideal for evening anti-cellulite treatment because it can also be used for massage.

Usage: apply a thick layer to cleansed critical zone skin in the evening before bedtime, and massage with light circular movements in the direction of the heart.

For best results, we recommend a combination of Biobaza products from Anticellulite line:

  1. Morning care: Skin Firming Gel
  2. Evening care: Body Remodeling Cream
  3. 'Last minute' Nutricosmetic Body Treatment
  4. Twice a week: Body perfecting mask

Herbal ingredients: shea butter, almond, ginger, hazelnut oil, cayenne tincture, sage, pepper, bromelain (pineapple), caffeine, cedar oil, chestnut

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