360 Moisturizing cream for face and body

99% natural origin

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360 moisturizing cream for all skin types, for adults and children during all seasons. This light, nourishing and protective formula is suitable for face and body, but also for use as a base for massage. It is well absorbed and it doesn't leave any greasy residue.

Light, nourishing and protective cream, for massage and body care, for dry and cracked skin, for after shave care – wide use during all seasons:

  • creates a protective layer without limiting the natural functions of sensitive baby skin
  • provides additional hydration, while making face and body skin soft and supple
  • after shaving, cream soothes and moisturizes skin which quickly recovers
  • it absorbs well into the skin and does not leave any greasy residue
  • it serves as a neutral base for massage application

Paraben free, perfume free, color free

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