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New age Mimosa – gel for the eye area

98% natural origin

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A  “new era” for your skin has come! Powerful mimosa and sage extracts in this moisturizing complex of aloe vera hyaluronic acid and allantoin stimulate skin renewal in the eye area, reduction of existing wrinkles and formation of new ones. Caffeine helps prevent the formation of dark circles (swelling), while vitamins A and E stimulate elasticity and suppleness of the skin. This non-greasy gel is suitable for all ages and skin types – especially sensitive.

Usage: apply, gently tapping on cleansed skin in the eye area in the morning and in the evening. Complement care with nutrient Biobaza Exclusive Mimosa cream and Mimosa New Ager serum for skin imperfections and wrinkle reduction.

Herbal ingredients: aloe vera, caffeine, sage and mimosa extracts

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